Optimize your Opex

Digitize your WIP Tracking

Eliminate manipulation of data & have a live view of your operational cost

Suitable for

Single-piece flow & small to medium batch sizes

Predefine your data

Predefined shopfloor details like Parts, Operators, Processes & more.

Minimal Data Entry

Operators enter just the number of parts moved.

Track your Work In Progress at each process at part, production type & production tracker level to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports with support for Rejection, Rework & Scrap.

Get a Clear Management of WIP

What WIP Offer?

Process level WIP

Understand the Work In Progress accumulated at each process level overall to understand which process needs more focus to move forward.  View at the part level for estimating delivery targets.

process level WIP
rejection, rework, scrap

Rejection, Rework & Scrap

Empower your shop floor to re-analyze the rejections to identify parts that can be re-processed to reduce wastage. Track scrap that cannot be re-processed on your shop floor.

Zero Data Manipulation

No way you can overwrite/update the already initiated Work In Progress movement. Administrators are allowed to review the entered data.

zero data manipulation
track history

Track History

We log each and every material movement and present it as history for the admins to review and act understand the shop floor better.

The one you are searching for

The progression of digitalization from document work. WIP Manager brings a level of transparency and visibility to the progress of work. 


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