All About Industry 4.0

Technology enhancing operational effectiveness


1. The Industrial Revolution

The society in which we live was once an agricultural society. The production and care of the crops formed the basis for the economy of this society. Besides agriculture, there are other employment opportunities. But the importance was given only to agriculture. Land cultivation continues to be the main source of wealth for that society.

There was a drastic change in the economy from an agricultural to a manufacturing economy. This in turn completely altered the lifestyle and working style of the people. “Industrial Revolution” is the title given to this change. This revolution has made quite many changes. The changes include the way of the manufacturing process.

 In the primitive stage, people did the task of manufacturing using their hands. But after the industrial revolution took place, machines took over the process. Industries attained the power of dominance. It leads to the transformation of society upside down. The industrial revolution has all the credit for introducing innovations in technology.

2. What Led to the Dawn of Industrial Revolution