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Build an integrated & connected manufacturing operations management environment to monitor & manage all the Work In Progress (WIP) in the production line.

manufacturing execution system

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Do you know how to monitor, optimize and manage live activities on the shop floor?

All you need is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

What is Factovize MES?

Factovize MES is an intelligence system. It connects, monitors & optimizes complex manufacturing processes and data flow across the entire production line.  Manufacturing Execution System connects numerous manufacturing facilities, departments and production lines. And integrates easily with machinery and enterprise business applications providing live production information. The outcome is outright visibility, production management & control. It also includes optimizing manufacturing production and processes across the enterprise.

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Digitally Track & Measure OEE

OEE Tracking

Fully Digitized

Production Planning

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Calculate & inspect OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Attain your OEE goal with an ultimate Factovize Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software to reduce losses & waste. Discern how efficient you are with your production process with the right & quick OEE data. Get actionable data on availability, performance, and quality. Use it to escalate machine utilization, minimize operating cost and lift operating efficiency. This in turn leads to improved effectiveness & profitability.

Go paperless  

Eliminating the paper based process is a good start for successful digital transformation. So information or data can be easily searched, retrieved, and made error prone. There is no need for manual intervention to avoid manual mistakes.  Factovize MES ramps up productivity and decreases production costs. This is achievable with its completely digitized & paperless approach. Be early to make the right decisions at the right time without spending time on error data.

complete digitized and go paperless

Complete production planning

A successful manufacturing process needs efficient planning of the entire production process. Plan & Manage your workflow from allocating raw materials to fulfilling manufacturing orders. Factovize MES software helps to carry out this process on time. Frame & import your plan for each machine to enable greater traceability. Gain better data insights and compare it with actual production. This helps to establish best practice processes across the entire workflow.

complete production planning

More Transparency into Machines

Machine Performance Analysis

Maintenance Management

Production Operations Management

machine performance analysis

Machine performance analysis  

Capture & analyse all critical data of your manufacturing machines / equipment. This assists you in optimizing your production line. Factovize Manufacturing Execution System provides the ability to capture downtime and scrap data with reasons. It also provides a real-time OEE measurement for each machine in your production line. Manufacturers receive insight on how machinery is performing, their efficiency. It helps them to control the risk of equipment failure, the resulting costs, and downtime.

maintenance operations management

Maintenance Operations Management

Strategic maintenance is necessary in manufacturing operations to avoid costly machine downtime. When you are up-to-date with your machine’s status, you can schedule maintenance. It prevents costly downtime by immediately fixing the issues. Factovize MES comes with extensive support to hold on to track machinery status for Equipment Management, & scheduled Preventive Maintenance. MES provides huge efficiency gains by reducing production interruptions & unnecessary stoppages.

production operations management

Production Operations Management

Factovize MES controls production value and ensure that everything operates perfectly. This in turn enhances profitability and operational efficiency. MES enables you to transform operational processes and data digitally. This enables both efficiency and transparency in performance management. Provides fully digitized processes to respond to the market changes rapidly. This can further enhance manufacturing performance to boost productivity and time-to-market.

Live Tracking & Reporting

Real-time Monitoring

Production Reporting

Quality Reporting

Real-time production monitoring

Monitor production in real-time to attain maximum production efficiency. Manufacturing industry needs a real-time visual representation of the whole manufacturing production process. This helps to refine the production strategies and tackle actionable insights. Live dashboard to view the real-time status of your entire production process & data on KPIs such as OEEavailability, performance & quality.  You can drill down deeper into each machine. This helps you to know their individual performance in real-time.

real time production monitoring

Reporting and Analysis  

Accurate & timely production reports are decisive to the manufacturer’s decision-making process. With Factovize MES, production managers can acquire data as tabular reports. They acquire it straight from the production line. They need it to make better decisions at the right time. Real-time reporting keeps operators, production managers & everyone in the industry, updated. They get to know what is produced, how work has been and the overall efficiency of machines on the shop-floor.

oee reports

Quality Report & Analysis

The quality of products & services pays for the reputation of the industrial organizations. They need high level of quality management & quality efficiency to meet customer requirements. Factovize MES system supports integration with quality functionalities. It help to have real-time visibility into quality & get rid of accessing redundant data. Create & execute corrective actions in real-time. This gets done with the data obtained before quality issues occur. Factovize MES can perform corrective & predictive actions. This benefits enterprise manufacturing environments to lessen the cost of quality.

quality report and analysis


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