Material requirements planning

Shipments will no longer be delayed by raw materials shortage

What is Factovize MRP?

Factovize MRP gives firm visibility into the inventory requirements needed to fulfil the demands, thereby enhances your company’s inventory levels and production schedules.  It enables companies to increase supply without having to manually estimate what is required to accomplish company obligations over the course of many hours.

Forecasting RM

Utilize customer order, minimum inventory requirements, or repeating periodic orders to forecast inventory consumption.

Govern your inventory

Obtain precise inventory levels to assure you have quite enough production raw materials whenever you require them.

Delivery on Time

Estimate and retain minimal inventory levels to deliver & distribute the manufactured product promptly.

What MRP Does?

what MRP does

Planning for Salient Commodities

Determining what raw materials, as well as accessories, are accessible, what else to obtain, and when to acquire them is crucial for optimizing the workflow. A clever system is necessitated for raw material and accessories planning in order to monitor the manufacturing processes, discover potential purchases that are required, and compare those purchases to the production plan and anticipated material deliveries. Procurement managers set up MRPs to automatically contact vendors when a purchase is essential.

planning for salient commodities
tracking of place order process

Tracking of Place Order process

It is critical to possess a realistic idea of inventory throughout the organisation to understand what items are on hand and which are on their way or have purchase orders issued. Tracking of place order process helps to prevent the industry from ceasing the manufacturing of products because of insufficient availability of raw materials.

Shipment Tracking

It is essential to maintain a holistic idea about the status of inventory such as where that inventory is, and when it will arrive in your industry. Therefore, it helps to predict the approximate time by when the work will be completed.

shipment tracking
rm requirement matrix

RM Requirement matrix

Raw material plays a crucial role in the whole process. Regular monitoring of the availability of raw materials and knowing how much raw materials is required to complete the manufacturing process is necessary to prevent the manufacturing process being ceased due to the inadequacy of raw materials.

Part completion estimation matrix

MRP is also utilized to estimate the time when will the part be ready for undergoing the next process. This helps the manufacturers to determine the time by when the whole product will be done.

part completion estimation matrix


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