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Redefining Man Machine Collaboration

Enable smart usage of data to enhance traceability, OEE & improved productivity

Industry 4.0 driving intelligent Man-Machine interaction

Digitally transforming the production makes it possible for everyone in the organization as well as machines to collect and analyze data, permitting maximum output with minimal intervention / mediation.

driving intelligent man machine interaction
Ensure Traceability

Ensure Traceability

Identify and track work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods by improving the connection between physical & digital technologies, certainly to optimize manufacturing processes, improve yields and ensure quality end products.

Live Tracking of Productivity

Enabling real-time visibility into machine and its performance to increase the accuracy of tracking production lines and to tackle age-old problems like downtime and more. Smartly track & trace instances in the production cycle.

Live tracking of productivity
Track & Achieve Higher OEE

Track & Achieve Higher OEE

OEE tracking could be the best way for productivity improvement. keeping an eye on OEE permits production managers to make suitable modifications and alterations to battle the losses and optimize production.

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting the actual issues before it becomes a serious failure will prevent the downtime from reoccurring again and again. Moreover to make proactive decisions. Enable production managers to target and trace their production plans with better accuracy.

Predictive maintenance

Customer Testimonials

“The team at Bevywise has the expertise to understand the requirements from the production, quality, process and the user perspective and deliver the Industry 4.0 application in the most effective way at an affordable cost. They strive hard to crack complete integration requirement with the PLC and our other internal applications. They are always ready to work with multifunctional teams and our existing vendors to get the solutions ready.”

 Hillson Raj,
Plant Head & DGM Operations, Indo-MIM

“We have automated our production line with use of Pallets. But we knew there is still scope for improvement in production efficiency. Thus we installed Factovize to get further insights in machine production. The installation process was well informed, was almost plug and play from day 1 we started to get machine data. The team worked with us in initial phase and ensured data is correct & meaningful. In first week itself we have figured out leaks in production time and could save upto 20 mins in machine uptime. We have been using the system daily and are very satisfied with interactions with the team.”

 Plant Manager,

Smart Industry 4.0 applications to manage shop floor better

Minimal Data Entry at the shop floor & Maximum Analyzed Reports

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